NEXT GEN Core Values




“Factum per excellentiam” the latin translation for “Achievement through Excellence” is the official motto of the Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN program and embodies the precise modus operandi and core values that are instilled in Apogee Student Engineers.


The Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN program’s core values are a set of principles and personal standards in which Apogee Student Engineers are held to within the Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN program. Each Student Engineer will practice these core values daily in all faucets of their lives and will use them as a guide to model “Achievement through Excellence!”

I. Honesty – “I will have integrity” Accordingly, we will: Do the right thing because it is right.  We will have the courage to face the truth, regardless of the consequence, and have the courage to say no when faced with peer pressure. We will hold ourselves and our peers accountable for our actions.

II. Commitment – “I will obey the orders” Accordingly, we will: Demand respect up and down the chain of command; care for the safety, professional, personal, and spiritual well-being of our fellow student engineers and classmates; Show respect toward all individuals without regard to race, religion, or gender; Treat each person with human dignity; Be committed to positive change and constant improvement; Exhibit the highest degree of moral character, technical excellence, quality, and competence in what we have been entrusted to do.

III. Honor – “I will bear true faith and allegiance” Accordingly, we will: Conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships with peers, superiors, and subordinates; Be honest and truthful in our dealings with each other and with those outside of Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN; Be willing to make honest recommendations and to accept those of junior personnel; Encourage new ideas and deliver the bad news, even when it is unpopular; Abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, taking responsibility for our actions and keeping our word; Fulfill or exceed our legal and ethical responsibilities in our public and personal lives twenty-four hours a day. Illegal or improper behavior or even the appearance of such behavior will not be tolerated. We are accountable for our school, classroom, and personal behavior.

IV. Courage – “I will support and defend” Accordingly, we will: Have the courage to meet the demands of our Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN unit when it is demanding or otherwise difficult; Make decisions in the best interests of the Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN unit and the school, without regard to personal consequences; Meet these challenges while adhering to a high standard of personal conduct and decency; Be loyal to our Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN unit and our fellow student engineers and classmates, ensuring the resources entrusted to us are used in an honest, careful, and efficient way.

V. Patriotism – “I will love my country” Accordingly, we will: Respect the flag of the United States of America and have pride in being an American citizen. We will do our part to help our country do better by bettering ourselves as American citizens, engaging in community service, serving a model citizen, and ensuring that we embody and regularly practice the values and principles the United States of America were built upon.