Apogee 2020 Headquarters Moving, Online Services Proposed

(Milledgeville, GA)  With the relocation of Apogee 2020 Executive Director Kayamone Sutton and amid the COVID-19 virus outbreak, plans are underway to permanently move Apogee 2020, Inc.’s headquarters to the Macon, GA area.

In addition to relocating the organization, preparations are being made to revive and merge an online organization founded in 2001, focused on aviation and spaceflight, named the Virtual Unites States Space Program, or VUSSP.  VUSSP was created in 2001 as an organization part of the virtual aviation community that utilized Micorsoft Flight Simulator and Orbiter Sim.  VUSSP was co-founded by Kayamone Sutton and Matthew Nowaczewski.  Details are not yet available on how the merger will impact Apogee 2020 operations but it is expected that the merger will happen within the first week of April 2020.

More information will be released when it is available.

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