June 1st Trip To Air Zoo To Introduce Next Session

(Flint, MI) On June 1st, Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN Student Engineers from Holmes STEM Academy will be taking a trip to the Air Zoo located in Portage, Michigan. This trip will introduce Student Engineers and their families to aviation history, with an upclose glimpse of famous aircraft flown throughout the years coupled with an introduction to the mission planning process. Their selected one hour curriculum while at the Air Zoo is “Mission To Space” which will have Student Engineers “Investigate how aerospace engineers use rockets and space planes to tackle the challenges of reaching space in the 21st century! Students apply their knowledge of Newton’s Laws of Motion while working within time and budget constraints to design successful space vehicles.”

This curriculum will prep our Student Engineers for the new school year in which they will apply what they learned and expand on it during the 2019-2020 school year to design and execute a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) cargo mission to space followed by a full blown lunar landing mission to be executed in the summer of 2020.

We are extremely excited about this field trip and for Project Soaring Eagle and we hope that all stay tuned for updates on the progress of our bright Student Engineers!

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