Project Soaring Eagle

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What is Project Soaring Eagle?

Project Soaring Eagle is an interactive project who’s goal is to provide NEXT GEN Student-Engineers the experience of designing and planning a full scale mission to deliver a payload into space using a select number of launch vehicles and their own selection of payload to place atop the launch vehicle.  Each mission is performed in real-time using spaceflight and mission control simulator software and streamed over the internet (both video and audio) live for public viewing and tracking.

Project Soaring Eagle is designed to teach participating Student-Engineers basic Earth science, physics, chemistry, meteorology, and astrophysics.  All participating S.E.’s will be involved in the planning process of the spaceflight mission.  Evaluations will be made during the planning process to identify a select number of participants who will serve as Mission Controllers for the mission (six controllers as primary and six controllers as backup).  The most proficient participant will serve as mission Flight Director, who is in charge of all aspects of the mission, including all decisions that affect the flight and its schedule.

Project Soaring Eagle instills and embodies the values and principles of Apogee 2020, Inc. and the NEXT GEN Program and motivates participants to take on leadership roles within the program.

Coming to Holmes STEM Academy September 2019!