Technology Education

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Technology in the After School Classroom

The use of computers for training and education classroom offer a unique opportunity to teach concepts that cannot be otherwise taught using conventional  classroom teaching methods.  Apogee 2020 further incorporates computer based training and education by utilizing complex computer simulation programs to teach advanced  scientific and mathematical concepts such as physics, astronomy, and space science.  By using these simulators, students can apply what they have learned through contemporary visual and interactive methods.

Aviation Simulation

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X are commercially sold flight simulators that are extremely useful in teaching the basics of general and commercial aviation.  Microsoft Flight Simulator will put students behind the controls of a myriad of aircraft from single engine Cessna’s to multi-engine jet liners and even helicopters.

Apogee 2020 is the only youth program in Genesee County that will provide extensive use of flight simulation software and associated simulation flight controls to be used by students on an educational and exploratory level.  At Apogee 2020, we believe that through imagination and simulation comes education and discovery!

Aerospace Simulation

Orbiter Space Flight Simulator 2010 is a free and truly remarkable space flight simulator that should not be underestimated.  Since 2000, Dr. Martin Schweiger, creator of “Orbiter 2010” has perfected what most call, the most realistic space flight simulator on the market.  The physics and science powering this simulator is nothing short than genius.

Apogee 2020 students will receive a full immersion into aerospace and space science when introduced to this powerful simulator.  From Low-Earth-Orbit mission planning  to complex missions to the Moon and beyond and their real-time simulated execution, this simulator with be the most challenging part of their experience within the Apogee 2020 program.  All prior classroom, online, and hands-on training will be put to the ultimate test in the space science module of  Apogee 2020 when students are challenged to design a space flight mission to the Moon using a pre-determined launch vehicle and payload, calculating required flight trajectories and complicated space flight maneuvers, and ensure the successful execution of the mission.