Apogee Academy

Apogee Academy is Apogee 2020, Inc’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We at Apogee 2020, Inc. recognize the need and importance of continual after-school programming that helps bridge the academic gap, and we stand ready to fulfill the needs of our community. In the next couple of weeks, the Apogee Academy website will be unveiled to the public and a registration period for the first “class” of students will be opened. Courses topics will include Apogee core content (core values, leadership, etc.), STEM Components such as robotics, coding, and design and printing, and other related academic themes like biology, aviation, space science, math, etc.

Registration for the first session will be completely free of charge to all students. More details regarding Apogee Academy will be released soon.

Check back on this page for official student registration information and links!