Online Advancement Exams

Apogee 2020 online advancement exams are proctored to Student Engineers for the purpose of testing their knowledge and aptitude of the Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN program. Advancement exams are given for ranks AE-2 (Engineer Apprentice) through AE-6 (Chief Engineer). Student Engineers obtaining the rank of AE-2 to AE-6 are only required to complete an online exam, while Student Engineers obtaining the rank of AE-7 must also complete an oral board in front of a panel of officers ranking ANG-1 or higher.

List of Available Exams:

  • AE-2 Engineer Apprentice Exam
  • AE-3 Enginner Exam
  • AE-4 Engineering Petty Officer 3rd Class Exam
  • AE-5 Engineering Petty Officer 2nd Class Exam
  • AE-6 Engineering Petty Officer 1st Class Exam
  • AE-7 Chief Engineer Exam