Engineering Marvels: Bridges and Structures! Session 1 of 2018-19 is Here!!

(Flint, MI) Sesson 1 of the Flint Community School 2018-19 school year will be in full swing starting September 4th.  Apogee 2020, Inc. begins the school year at Holmes STEM Academy located at 6602 Oxley Dr. in Flint Michigan with its Engineering Marvels: Bridges and Structures session for all Flint students in grades 3-8.  Student-Engineers will study bridges, structures, create their own to take home, as well as work on a massive bridge as a group to display to the school and community.  Students will apply geometry, mathematics, and critical thinking skills to tackle each challenge presented to them.

Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN Session 1 at Holmes STEM academy is free for all Flint-area students.  Registration opens soon!