Project Soaring Eagle Mission Line-Up Announced

(Flint, MI) The Project Soaring Eagle spaceflight mission line-up has been approved! Apogee 2020 Student Engineers will be given the ambitious goal of landing on the Moon and returning safely home by the end of May 2020 using Orbitersim, an ultra-realistic computer spaceflight simulator. The mission line-up is as follows:

o AM-1 – Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Mission (No Payload) (Launch Vehicle: TBD)
o AM-2 – LEO Mission (w/Small Payload) (Launch Vehicle: TBD)
o AM-3 – Sub-orbital Manned Mission (Launch Vehicle: Mercury Redstone)
o AM-4 – Earth Orbital Manned Mission (Launch Vehicle: Mercury Atlas)
o AM-5 – Lunar Orbital Manned Mission (Launch Vehicle: Saturn V)
o AM-6 – 8-day Lunar Landing Mission (Launch Vehicle: Saturn V)

No specific timeline has been set for the missions, which will be broadcast live both here on our website and on facebook.  More information will be released as it comes available. We are excited about this up-coming school year and hope you all follow our Student Engineers and their progress as they head to the Moon by May 2020!

*AM denotes Apogee Mission