Ranks To Be Introduced to NEXT GEN With New ASU-1 Uniform

(Flint, MI) In January 2019 Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN is set to mandate optional wear of the Apogee 2020 Standard Uniform, or ASU-1 by Student Engineers.  As part of the uniform roll-out program Program Facilitators will begin displaying parts of the ASU-1 Uniform as early as next week.  In addition to the roll-out of the ASU-1, a ranking structure has also been implemented to allow Apogee 2020 NEXT GEN Student Engineers to advance in rank based on student academics, program performance, and Apogee 2020 Core Curriculum.

The adopted ranking structure is as follows:

Engineering Enlisted Ranks

AE-1 Engineer Recruit (No Insignia)

AE-2 Engineer Apprentice

AE-3 Engineer

AE-4 Engineering Petty Officer 3rd Class

AE-5 Engineering Petty Officer 2nd Class

AE-6 Engineering Petty Officer 1st Class

AE-7 Chief Engineer

AE-8 Senior Chief Engineer

AE-9 Master Chief Engineer

AE-9 Command Master Chief Engineer


Engineering Officer Ranks

AEO-1 Ensign

AEO-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade

AEO-3 Lieutenant

AEO-4 Lieutenant Commander

AEO-5 Commander

AEO-6 Captain


NEXT GEN Faculty Ranks

ANG-1 Colonel (NEXT GEN Facilitator)

ANG-2 Brigadier General (NEXT GEN Lead Facilitator)

ANG-3 Major General (NEXT GEN Site Facilitator)

ANG-4 Lieutenant General (NEXT GEN Deputy Director)

ANG-5 General (NEXT GEN Executive Director)